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St. Patrick's Day Party Bus Experience + BYOB


Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) Rules:

Each rider is allowed up to 50oz of originally sealed canned/boxed beverages.

= 4 Regular Cans (12oz)

= 2 Large Cans (25oz)

No Hard Liquor of Glass

Please leave beverages in your vehicle until we board the bus! -- If you are unable to leave your unopened beverage in a vehicle until we board please notify an Ohio Party Connection host at check-in. 

No outside beverages are allowed inside any establishments at any time while crawling with Ohio Party Connection. Once beverages have been brought aboard the bus they cannot be carried off of the vehicle. Establishments reserve the right to deny entry to anyone who brings in outside beverages.


Helpful Tips

What To Bring:

  • Only what is necessary. Please keep items such as bags, purses and heavy coats to a minimum as they become hard to manage in more crowded venues and slow down our entry time. The party shuttle pulls up to the door of each venue, so if you can brave the cold for 60 seconds or less we advise leaving the coat in your car/at home for the best experience (of course dress warm).

Party Shuttle:

  • Items will not be allowed to be left/stored on the bus and must stay with your person. No smoking on board.

Age/Valid Identification:

  • 21+ with accepted I.D. – Valid U.S. government issued ID or passports only.

Acceptable Conduct:

  • Entry, and participation are solely at venue’s discretion. You are subject to each venue’s rules and regulations.

Dress Code

  • Each venue has their own dress code and they will enforce it. Dress Code is upscale fashionable attire. Not permitted: flat-billed hats, sandals, dirty or older sneakers, Air Jordan brand athletic shoes, white athletic shoes, flip-flops, men’s boots (like Timberland™), ripped or baggy clothing, bandanas, shorts, camouflage, and athletic wear.

Social Media:

  • We know you’re going to share this experience with your friends and we would love to see!! Use the hashtags #ohiopartyconnection through the night and we just might repost your fun!

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